People in Malawi encouraged to develop interest in wildlife and environment


People in the country have been encouraged to develop interest in protecting wildlife and the environment for the benefit of future generations.

The statement was made by Lilongwe Wildlife Trust (LWT) through Clement Manjaalera on Tuesday during a media tour which the organization conducted at the site.

Speaking with reporters, Manjaalera said that they are developing the site to ensure that people have knowledge about everything that concerns wildlife so that the issue of protecting wildlife should be followed by everyone, including children.

Manjaalera added that everyone has a role to play as far as wildlife and environment conservation is concerned and it takes a knowledgeable person to know how to protect wildlife.

He added that people are supposed to be inspired so that they can have interest on the issues of wildlife conservation.

“We are developing this  site to make it unique so that a lot of people should be coming here to learn, appreciate what we are doing here. We believe that at the end of this year, the issue of developing this centre will come to an end,” he explained.

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust is dedicated to protecting Malawi’s wildlife and its habitat and their work tackles illegal trade in ivory, bush-meat, charcoal and exotic animals for ‘pets’.

It also addresses animal welfare by providing emergency wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and care. The centre has different wildlife species including natural tress.

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