Former Nepman’s manager and Lucius Banda fight


Kabolombwe, former manager of musician Nepia ‘Nepman’ Longwe, and legendary musician Lucius Banda have been involved in a cold war.

The bone of contention is Banda’s failure to take Nepman who is now a member of his Zembani Band to the United States of America.

According to Kabolombwe, his former artist is being sidelined at Zembani.

He wrote: “Kaya Nepman analakwa chani? Zembani yonse ku America kumusiya yekha? M’bale wanga tsegula maso akuluwa akukugwirisa ntchito. Ufiti suposa apa (The whole Zembani Band is in the USA for perfomances leaving Nepman behind. I don’t know the crime he committed. My friend open your eyes, you are being used. This is witchcraft).”

In reaction to Kabolombwe’s sentiment, Banda said the band is not answerable to anyone over its decisions.

“Zembani band being a private entity we are not answerable to anyone,” he said.

He added that if Nepman’s former manager feels like he can do a better job, he should take his former artist back.

“If you feel like Nepman is being treated bad you are welcome to take him and treat him better.”

The Nalero hit-maker joined the band in 2015, on contract basis. Since joining the band, Longwe has perfomed with it at many local and international events.

Prior to joining the group, the Blantyre based artist produced one of the hit songs in urban music circles alongside his said former manager.

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