K1.5 million raised for Mussa family

Innobuild officials handing over plot offer to Rodwell (R) who has been receiving donations to Mussa family

Well-wishers have raised K1.5 million to support Mussa John’s family, which has also been given a plot at Chileka.

Malawians have mobilised the money as one way of helping the family which has been struggling to make ends meet.

Besides the financial resources, the family has also been gifted with a plot in Chileka, Blantyre by Innobuild. Other assistance has come in form of rentals for the family a year and a wheelchair for Mussa’s sister who is a person with disability.

Mussa’s mother and sister

Malawians teamed up to help Mussa and his family after Mussa was slapped with a lengthy jail sentence for being found Cannabis. The court sentenced him to 8 years imprisonment for the offence.

This did not go well with the citizenry considering that influential people who committed offences of similar nature were given lenient penalties.

Mussa’s mother has also claimed that Mussa is not the owner of the cannabis he was arrested for but was just found by police at the house where the cannabis was also found.

At the moment, Malawians are sending best wishes to the family.

“I wish this family all the best in this troubling time. May God and all well-wishers help them to  the brim,” said Peter Chilenga.

Malawi Police officers accused of forcing Mussa to make fake confession

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  1. If the mother’s story is true, then the police who arrested Musa and the prosecutor who encouraged him to enter a guilty plea need to be prosecuted too

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