It is unfair to say Tonse has failed – Kazako


Minister of Information Gospel Kazako says it is unfair to say that the Tonse Alliance administration has failed because it is on the right track and Malawi will not be the same by 2025.

Speaking at a press briefing yesterday, Kazako also argued that Tonse Alliance has a five-year mandate and it is unfair to judge the administration after two years.

“Critics such as non-governmental organisations should judge the Tonse’s performance after five years,” said Kazako.

On developments under the Tonse Alliance, Kazako said the government is rehabilitating the M1 road from Lilongwe to the Northern Region and has also resuscitated rail transport in the country such that fuel is now being transported by rail.

He further argued that the government under President Lazarus Chakwera is empowering women by appointing them to top positions and is improving the welfare of farmers by ensuring that prices of crops such as Soya are fair.

“Women represent 40 percent of Chakwera’s cabinet which is the highest percentage in Malawi’s history. For the first time, women have a president because in the past they were just clapping hands for anything,” said Kazako.

The minister also claimed that civil servants such as teachers and nurses now receive salaries on time “unlike in the past when they were going months without being paid.”

Kazako further argued that the Tonse Alliance government is also fighting corruption, has reformed land laws and is implementing free water connections.

“Why don’t the critics talk about these issues? The problem is they only select negative issues to talk about but Malawians should know that the Tonse Government is delivering on its promises.

“Challenges are there but some of the challenges have emerged because we are fixing the country,” said Kazako.

The Tonse Alliance came into power in 2020 after promising to, among others, improve the economy, fight corruption and initiate various infrastructural projects. Critics say the current administration has failed as the cost of living has skyrocketed  and Malawians are suffering.

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