Chinese national Susu fined in Zambia for illegal entry


Chinese national Lu Ke also known as Susu has been fined for illegal entry in Zambia where he was arrested after fleeing Malawi.

Chipata Resident Magistrate Mercy Chibo has ordered Lu Ke to pay 13,000 Zambian Kwacha (about MK780,000) for illegal entry and illegal stay, according to Zambia’s Daily Mail.

Lu Ke was arrested in Zambia five days ago after a BBC Africa Eye investigation revealed last week that he had been shooting racist videos involving children at Njewa in Lilongwe.

In one of the videos, Malawian children were told to chant demeaning words which read : “I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

Malawi Immigration Department said last week it was working to extradite Susu to Malawi.

Chinese national Susu arrested

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  1. As a Zambian I’m happy to see this. Justice doesn’t matter if your American or German. Slavery ended along time ago. We will make sure such acts are surely punished.. Well done to the police force and reportors must spread. All over social media

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