Rights activists demand China to compensate Malawian children over racist video


The University of Malawi Child Rights Clinic wants the People’s Republic of China to compensate children of Njewa in Lilongwe over exploitation by a Chinese national Lu Ke (Susu) who shot a racist video in Malawi.

The demand was included in the UNIMA Child Right Clinic’s petition which was presented to Chinese Embassy, Ministry responsible for children and Ministry of Foreign Affairs  in Lilongwe on Tuesday.

Speaking after presenting the petition, UNIMA Child Rights Clinic Supervisor, Professor Garton Kamchedzera said the clinic wants Lu Ke to be brought to Malawi’s court over the child exploitation.

“We demand that Lu Ke should be tried here in Malawi and that the People’s Republic of China should compensate the Njewa children following the exploitation,” Professor Kamchedzera said, adding that the compensation should be made towards their education apart from giving them cash.

Kamchedzera during the demonstrations

The UNIMA Child Rights Clinic Supervisor said cash which was made out from sales of the racist videos should be deposited into a trust fund  which will help the need and vulnerable children in Malawi.

Kamchedzera added that what Lu Ke (Susu) did by shooting the video was very exploitative, an insult and injustice to the children of Malawi and a serious violation of universal Convention on the Rights of the  Child.

“What Lu Ke (Susu) did at Njewa was a total violation of Conversation on the Right of the  Child and other legal instruments that protect child rights,” he said.

After receiving the petition, Principal Secretary responsible for Administration in the Office of President and Cabinet, Dickson Chumba said he will hand over the letter to relevant authorities.

He assured the UNIMA Child Rights Clinic that the petition would be handed over to the relevant authorities without delays. Chumba also hailed the protestors for conducting the demonstrations in a peaceful manner.

“Let me assure you that this petition will be handed over to relevant authorities without delay and the authorities will respond to the concerns,” Chumba added.

The demonstrations by UNIMA Child Rights Clinic started from Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC)  up to Chinese Embassy where the embassy’s  Information and Communication Officer received the petition.

The protestors also proceeded to Capital Hill where the Principal Secretary in the Office of President and Cabinet responsible for administration received the petition on behalf of the Ministry of Gender and Children and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Chinese national Susu arrested

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