Masaula-Chingale Community loses trust in Police


People at Masaula in Zomba Chingale have said they will close Masaula  Police Unit if Zomba Police Station fails to transfer police officers who have been accused of corruption and neglecting their duties.

Speaking to Malawi24, Chairperson of a Community Policing Forum at Masaula, Elias Lupale, said the working relationship between the policing forum and Masaula Police Unit is not good, alleging “that the police grant crime suspects bail thereby letting them off the hook.”

He further alleged that officers at Masaula Police Unit demand cash from crime suspects and later release them unconditionally.

“The police officers demand cash from crime suspects and later release them. Some officers spend most of duty hours drinking beer such that most people find their offices closed whenever they visit the unit to complain about crime,” said Lupale.

Lupale added that criminals killed recently two people in a short space of time while another person was hacked four times in the head in the area but no suspect is yet to be arrested.


Lupale therefore asked Zomba Police Officer in charge to post away Masaula Police Unit Officer in charge and his second in command observing that the two have overstayed at Masaula Police Unit.

He said people at Masaula will close the police unit if the two will not be posted away per the community demand.

Francis Chipeta who sustained multiple head injuries following an attack on Sunday last week said it was unfortunate that he received little attention at the Masaula Police Unit despite severe injury.

He claimed that the police haven’t arrested the suspect despite knowing the him, adding that he is in pain following heavy loss of blood.

“I am feeling a lot of pain because l sustained serious head injuries following four machete hacks, l lost blood and l am told l was unconscious,” Chipeta who comes from Kalundwiche 1 Village said.

Zomba Police Station Officer in Charge, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Felix Phiri, said he was aware of the complaints by people at Masaula against the police officers.

He assured that he will soon send his second in command to Masaula to look into the issue, saying he will also travel to Masaula to hold a meeting with local leaders, business people and members of the community to hear more from their side.

“I will also travel to Masaula to hold a meeting with chiefs, business people and members of the community to hear from them,” added Assistant Commissioner of Police, Felix Phiri.

He then commended the media for exposing shortfalls in many parts of Zomba.

Masaula Police Unit was built by people at Masaula area to deal with crimes which were common in the area at the expense of their safety and security.

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