Govt wants to seize Chisale’s K5 billion assets

Norman Chisale

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda says Government wants to seize assets worth K5 billion belonging to former presidential bodyguard Norman Chisale.

The property includes vehicles and houses which government intends to sell on auction and cash in banks which will be transferred to Government’s account number one.

Speaking to Nation newspaper, Nyirenda said they are currently processing paperwork in order to seize the property.

“For the cash, we are going to transfer it to government’s Account Number One or Forfeiture Fund and we will sell the property on auction,” he said.

Chisale worked as bodyguard of ex-president Peter Mutharika for several years during Mutharika’s six-year reign. The state in early 2021 obtained a preservation order on 86 motor vehicles and 21 real estate properties, including residential houses and commercial buildings belonging to Chisale and associates.

The preservation order was secured at the High Court following an application by the DPP, Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA), Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), and Malawi Police Service (MPS) Fiscal and Fraud Department.

Chisale challenged the preservation order on the basis that it infringes on his right to own property.

However, in January this year, Constitutional Court Judges Dingiswayo Madise, Kenan Manda and Anneline Kanthambi said the preservation order secured by the Director of Public Prosecutions was not a violation of Chisale’s rights to privacy and to own property.

Chisale is answering several charges including abuse of office in connection to the duty free importation of cement which allegedly happened when Mutharika was in power.

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