Chinese national Susu arrested


Chinese national  Lu Ke also known as Susu has been arrested in Chipata, Zambia, the Department of Immigration has said.

Lu fled Malawi after a BBC Africa Eye investigation revealed that he was exploiting children by telling them to appear in his videos, including one in which the children chanted “I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

Spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services responsible for Central Region Pasqually Zulu says Lu Ke was arrested yesterday at Chipata  in Zambia where he is in custody.

The Chinese national is believed to have fled the country using uncharted routes.

According to Zulu, Malawi is working with the Zambian Government so that Lu should be extradited to Malawi.

Lu shot many of his videos at Njewa, just outside the capital in Lilongwe where he was paying children less than K1000 a day to make hundreds of videos which he sold for  K77 million.

The matter has caused anger in Malawi and rights activists are expected to march to the Chinese Embassy tomorrow  in protests over the dehumanising treatment of Malawian children by Chinese nationals.


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