Bushiri insists witnesses should come to Malawi and testify


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri have insisted that South African witnesses should come to Malawi and testify physically in court.

Bushiri and his wife were in court today for hearing on an application by the state for witnesses to record their evidence in South Africa, citing logistical challenges as the reason.

Speaking with reporters today, Bushiri’s lawyer Wapona Kita said they want witnesses to come to Malawi to testify because Bushiri cannot go to South Africa considering that he works in Malawi and the case is also happening in Malawi.

Speaking on the issue, Director of Public Prosecution Steve Kayuni said that they want the High Court  to rule  on the matter.

On the state’s application in court today, Bushiri’s lawyers objected to this saying the issues being raised were already dealt with by the Court through its ruling on 8th June 2021.

Chief Resident Magistrate Madalitso Chimwaza has now given both parties 7 days to file their final submission on the objectives.

She has since set 11 July, 2022 as day she will deliver a ruling on preliminary issues raised in the  State’s Application.

Bushiri and wife Mary fled South Africa in 2020 where they are accused of money laundering and fraud. The South African Government want the two to be taken to South Africa to answer charges.

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