Malawians want racist Chinese Susu prosecuted


Malawians on social media are calling on authorities to prosecute the Chinese immigrant known as Lu Ke or Susu for hate crime and child exploitation.

Malawians do not want the man to be deported back to China but to be arrested for exploiting innocent children.

This follows the revelations that were made about a racist Chinese who goes by the name “Lu Ke” who shot a video in which he insulted the intelligence and humanity of black people specifically Malawians.

Lu Ke, who is also known as Susu which means Uncle, shot a series of videos including one in which Malawi children were told to chant demeaning words which read : “I am a black monster and my IQ is low.”

On the Malawi24 Twitter poll, 62 percent of respondents said Susu has to be prosecuted while 32 percent said Malawi should send him to China.

“The guy has to be arrested to set a warning to others who have Ideas to do the same and to show that our laws can do better,” said one commentator on Twitter after Malawi24 held a poll asking Malawians if Lu Ke should be prosecuted

Others have said an apology from Chinese Embassy should not be enough.

“So sorry from the Chinese Embassy is not needed as a solution.” Said one commentator on twitter “Taking a big action to make his live a hell is the only way how others will learn. So wake up African. Are we going to accept all with a sorry?” he added .

Following the revelations, Lu Ke is yet to be arrested but authorities say they are investigating in order to arrest him.



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