Viceroy makes comeback with new album “Is This Okay?”


By Roy Kafoteka

Malawian veteran rapper, Viceroy has made a comeback with the release of his new album “Is This Okay?”.

Omega Sambakunsi, commonly known by his stage name Viceroy, took to his social media to announce the release of his new album, titled “Is This Okay?”.

Posting about the news, the rapper wrote on his page: “Took me 3 years but my album is finally ready for release. Shout out to Simon Banda II for the artwork.”

He also posted the official album artwork for the project.

This comes forth as Viceroy’s first installment this year, after his previous single, “Pang’ono” released last year, and serving as his second solo album after the release of “Sleeping Awake EP” back in 2013.

Earlier this year, without mentioning the name, the rapper had already revealed the official tracklist for the upcoming album, which included feature names like; Treigh, Lilia, Kesia, Tsar Leo, KIM of Diamonds and ItsFriday.

Famously known for his single “Demeti”, which sparked a frenzy across Malawi and creating a new urban trend, the rapper has since been in and out of the music industry, making appearances on other people’s songs, while trying to stay relevant in the game from his gains and still strongly maintaining his image as one of Malawi’s top rappers.

Over the years, Viceroy had been counted and known as one of the best emcees to carry the Malawian flag high in the music industry. Well known for his well-taught delivery of skills of rapping in both English and vernacular, the rapper’s songs have gotten liked and favourable among the youth and fans in diaspora and country wide.

Someone that could be described as a nerdy law student delivering lethal bars, Viceroy is going to leave you with a tongue-twister and questioning whether to either love him or hate him.

His other songs also include “Oh NoNo” (ft. Blakjak), “Firiri”, “Cool Dat” “Faya” and “Gwengwe” just to name a few.

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