Nyago sexually exploited as child


Malawi Afro musician, Nyago, has narrated how she escaped being defiled as a child when her primary school male teacher demanded oral sex from her as punishment for coming late to school.

The musician took to Facebook on Sunday to recount the ordeal she faced as a child when her teacher tried to sexually abuse her.

“l just remembered this teacher in my primary school, I was late for classes and he took me to the toilet, and took out his manhood and told me to choose between putting it in my mouth or clean filthy toilets.

“I was so upset, but I didn’t know why then. So, I run out and didn’t attend his class that day.

“The next day he told me to continue avoiding his classes and he would beat me whenever I attended his class. I failed his subject and I hated it,” she wrote.

Nyago who was raped on a separate occasion noted that the teacher may have not succeeded in sexually her but it is possible he managed to sexually abuse some girls at the school.

The musician said it is important for children to have knowledge on what sex and sexual violence are because with that knowledge they would be able to notice when they are being sexually abused and take action such as running away, screaming or reporting the abuse.

She added that when she was raped, she did not know what the rapist was really doing.

“When I was raped in my young age, I didn’t even know what was going on🤷🏿‍♀️ I was wondering ‘why is this man hurting my private part? What have I done! What is this…and the feeling was strange and scaring and he was too heavy to push him away…and he told me it wouldn’t hurt for long while forcing himself on me…

“What hurts me now is that, I didn’t had any knowledge on what sex was,” she wrote.

As a young girl, Nyago was also forced into child labour and later as a young woman, she was forced into an arranged marriage where she suffered gender based violence. She overcome such challenges and her music speaks about her story of survival.

Born Lucy Gondwe, Nyago is a popular Afro musician in Malawi and her songs include “Mdoko” and “Kauzyanga”. She described herself as a Malawian ethno-spiritual musician who draws inspiration from the Vimbuza healing tradition of northern Malawi.

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