Malawians defend Bushiri over Goshen City


Malawians on social media have defended Prophet Shepherd Bushiri over the source of his finances for Goshen City, saying if the money was stolen, he probably did not steal from Malawi or Malawians.

Those defending the controversial prophet who is fighting extradition to South Africa to face corruption, money laundering and fraud related charges, have attacked calls to the Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to investigate Bushiri’s source of funding for the project.

Others believe the calls are motivated by envy.

“PHD (Pull Him Down syndrome). One good reason why Africa is lagging behind,” said one person commenting on a Malawi24 story on the issue.

Hastings Dziwani Banda said: “This is jealousy, he is a businessman as much as he is the prophet of God. This institution wants to sabotage national development for fame and make statements wrongly. There are many areas needs ACB can look to especially those who are selfish not having a National Mind centered vision. This will benefit the whole country in tourism, jobs, securing land in our lake shores, and inspiring many to develop our beloved Malawi alike.”

Other commenters labelled those making calls for Bushiri to be investigated as enemies of progress while some said Bushiri creating jobs and should be supported to complete the multibillion kwacha project.

“Your country is poor you are busy restricting something that can help even your relatives. You think these developed countries all their monies are perfect. The country is developed with mixed money don’t you know. Shame,” said Felix Tembo.

Another person said: “This is not only laughable but despicable. The very reason Malawian CEOs go to retirement without any tangible investment where people can get employment. Bushiri is one of the few visionary entrepreneurs Malawi cherishes as a country.”

While Fyness Chapatali said: “Leave Bushiri alone! He’s employing poor Malawians and developing his nation. He never worked for Government and never robbed from us.”

Commenters on the post also noted that Bushiri had been distributing maize to Malawians affected by floods across the country but there were never calls to investigate where he got the maize.

“Last time he was giving tonnes of maize nobody investigated where he got that such huge maize,” person noted.

On Thursday, the Forum for National Development asked the Anti-Corruption to investigate the source of funds for the Goshen City project which Bushiri is implementing in Mangochi.

ACB asked to investigate Bushiri over Goshen City