Easy money, Easy Go! Gemini Major loses Facebook page


Gemini Rudebouy Major has had a rude awakening as fraudsters have taken over his verified Facebook page which has over 207,000 followers.

Benn Gilbert Kamoto who is better known by his stage name Gemini Major has lost control of his Facebook page called “Gemini Rudebouy Major”.

The page belonging to the Malawian-born South Africa based record producer and singer-songwriter is now being used for posting videos about how some stuff works.

Most people find the new content being posted on the page funny as some of the videos fit the meme category.

Due to the content, the page’s followers have noted that the page has been hacked and some have been demanding the hackers to return the page to the musician.

“Give him back his page please” says one commenter on Facebook.

Some hackers promise Facebook Page owners thousands of United States dollars as payment for paid Facebook posts but the hackers demand that they post the videos themselves. Some page owners lose their pages due to the temptation to make easy money.

Gemini Major is a popular musician with songs such as Ooh Lala, Ragga Ragga and One Night Stand.

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