Matola says Malawians misinterpreting his words


Energy Minister Ibrahim Matola has claimed that Malawians are misinterpreting and sensationalizing the phrase he used during the inauguration of the 20 Megawatt JCM solar and battery plant in Dedza yesterday.

According to the Minister, he did not call Malawians frogs.

During the event, the minister shared a proverb: “the sound of frogs does not stop an elephant from drinking water.”

He then went on to refer Chakwera as the elephant and that the president should not be moved by the disturbing sound.

“Do not listen to frogs who tell you to stop travelling a lot,” said Matola. “We want people to know that you are implementing projects which you promised.”

Speaking through his Public Relations Officer Marshall Dyton, Matola says he never meant to despise anyone but rather to encourage President Lazarus Chakwera to continue with his development plans regardless of obstacles surrounding him.

Matola has since emphasized that as a man of integrity, he can never say anything ill about the people he is working for.

According to the minister, a lot of people are misinterpreting what he said because of the incomplete clip that is being circulated.

“If you can listen to the full speech, you will understand the context of the proverb which was shared. There is nowhere in the speech where it was said that all Malawians who are complaining about the economic hardships in the country are frogs,” the minister said.

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Minister calls Malawians frogs