Chakwera takes photo with diplomats to ‘prove that his govt has not failed’


During the launch of the JCM Golomoti Solar Power Plant in Dedza today, Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola asked President Lazarus Chakwera to take a photo with several ambassadors as proof that “the Chakwera administration has not failed” and that “Malawi is not on the verge of collapse.”

Chakwera agreed to take the photo and four diplomats also went to the podium to take a photo with the Malawi leader.

Speaking during the ceremony, Matola said the opposition held a press conference recently where opposition politicians spoke as if Malawi is on the verge of collapsing yet there are countries coming to Malawi to invest.

Matola argued that other countries would not be investing in a country that is on the verge of collapsing or one that is a fragile state.

He then asked Chakwera to take a photo with the ambassadors present at the event. According to Matola, the photo would show the opposition that they should be responsible when claiming that the Chakwera administration has failed.

“Let me call upon your excellencies from Canada, Britain, Germany and other ambassadors to take a photo with his excellency so that people should know that Malawi is not on the verge of collapse,” said Matola.

Four ambassadors went to the podium where they took photos with Chakwera. Some diplomats only stood up where they were sitting.

Matola  went on to say that the countries that are investing in Malawi are doing this because of the leadership of President Chakwera.

The minister urged the development partners to not leave Malawi behind saying there is need to walk together.

The JCM Golomoti Solar Power Plant installed by JCM Power has 52 thousand solar panels which produce 20 megawatts of electricity for the national grid.

The project which has capacity to provide 50 gigawatt of clean energy for the next 30 years is the largest of its kind in the whole Sub-Saharan Africa.

JCM has offered employment to 500 locals during the project and the expects to keep 20 of those as long-term staff for the whole span of the project. In addition, the company is providing potable water to schools and hospitals and has constructed school blocks in the area.

Musawamvele achule omwe akukuletsani kuyenda – a Matola awuza Chakwera

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