Man arrested for child sexual abuse in Blantyre


Police in Blantyre are keeping in custody Shaibu Thomas aged 29 for sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl.

Blantyre Police Station deputy spokesperson Sergeant Aubrey Singanyama has confirmed.

It is reported that on May 27,2022 the suspect’s wife left her matrimonial home after picking a quarrel with her husband upon finding out that he was sexually abusing her niece whom they were staying with.

When the woman was leaving, she left behind the niece and the suspect took advantage of the situation to rape the child again. The victim later reported the issue to a nearby organisation who took the matter to Chilomoni Police who arrested the suspect.

The victim was referred to Q.E.C.H one stop center for medical examination and treatment.

Meanwhile, Shaibu Thomas is in Police custody pending court appearance.

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