Malawi bans Zodwa Wabantu


The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife has banned South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu’s show in Malawi.

The show was expected to be held at Dominic’s in Blantyre on June 11 2022.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife Michael Usi has confirmed that his ministry has told organisers not to ahead with the show, saying the show is not fit for Malawi.

However, one of the organisers of the event, Biggie Lu, said Zodwa Wabantu, who goes on stage without underwear, was not expected to perform pantless in Malawi.

Zodwa dances on stage with no underwear and in 2017 her show in Zimbabwe was cancelled after she reportedly refused to agree to perform while wearing underwear.

In 2018, the performer was also banned in Zambia with authorities arguing that her public performances undermine the country’s “national values”.

Real name Rebecca Libram, Wabantu started dancing in night clubs in South African and has over the last years become a popular dancer and television personality.