Cases of TB drop in Rumphi mining sector


Rumphi is one of the districts in Malawi which are on right track in the fight against Tuberculosis in the mining sector.

Rumphi has a number of mines and is one of the districts where cases of TB have dropped in the mining industry.

Umar Mwamadi who is Rumphi’s District TB officer told Malawi24 that the fight against TB in the district is going well and they are working hand in hand with mining campanies to make sure TB is being controlled in the mining sector.

“Mostly we are working very hard to find cases, so we are putting much effort in case detection where we need to find cases as early as possible and start treatment as soon as possible. As a district we are working hand in hand with mining companies, for example we are conducting TB screening in the mines, all the miners are being screened this month and we will continue the screening process. So we are working with the mining companies and they are cooperating well. So as of today, we have screened about 250 miners and we have not registered any case,” said Mwamadi.

Mwamadi noted that the rate of TB is very low because people in Mining campanies are using protective clothing. The protective clothes also include dust masks provided to the workers.

In his remarks, Mchenga coal mine Check Officer for safety, health and environment Moses Mhango, said the fight against TB at Mchenga coal mine is going very well and this year they have not registered any case and they have a good working relationship with the health officials around the mine.

Before starting work at Mchenga, workers have to undergo pre-medical checks at the clinic and TB screening is done before one is engaged. After 6 months of employment everybody is mandated to undergo screening.


Mhango said that they provide some malton clothes for those underground because the underground is dumpy.

“The relationship with health officials is quite good. There are volunteers who collect some sputum at the mining clinic and they take them to Jarawe health centre for screening,” said Mhango.

Frank Mteya who works at the mining as an underground clerick and has worked for 20 years at the minime, said when someone is showing signs of TB, the bosses at the company refer the person to hospital for screening and if the person is found with TB they provide support throughout the treatment.

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