Chakwera orders ACB to submit report on Sattar probe within 21 days


President Lazarus Chakwera has given the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) 21 days to submit to him a report about investigations into Zuneth Sattar.

The president was speaking on 31st May 2022 during a press briefing at Kamuzu Palace where he tackled corruption issues related to Zuneth Sattar who is said to have corrupted senior members of the Chakwera administration.

Chakwera said Malawians have every right to know the extent of the issues and actions that will be taken on it.

By law, the Director General of ACB is supposed to submit to the President and the Minister of Justice a report on the general conduct of the affairs of the Bureau, and considering that this matter is of high national interest, President Chakwera asked the Anti-Corruption Bureau to produce a report within 21 days.

Chakwera added that the ACB needs more support and  that his Government has allocated the ACB more funding than before. He added that he will continue supporting the ACB Director.

The President also announced a new nationwide campaign for driving corruption out of Government agencies, which will be launched this July at a National Anti-Corruption Conference and will be hosted by him.

According to the president, the nationwide campaign against corruption is necessary because going by the recent findings, corruption is getting worse and the campaign to fight it needs to be intensified.

“For the change to happen, everyone must take an active role in the campaign,” Chakwera said.


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  1. If government lraders are involved in corruption how can low earning class of people survive a better living?

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