Atupele Muluzi registers company in UK


Atupele Muluzi, 2019 presidential candidate for opposition United Democratic Front (UDF), has set up a business in the United Kingdom.

His company, AYA Corporation Limited, is registered under Company number 14095270 with Atupele serving as both its Secretary and Director.

The young Muluzi left his father’s political party over the weekend.

He claims that the move will enable him to transition into a Pan-African business executive with the goal of inspiring a “mini-industrial and economic revolution for the progress and development of Malawi and Africa”.

“Friends – I have left politics to transition into a Pan-African business executive. Together with global business partners we intend to immediately lead in kick starting a mini-industrial and economic revolution for the progess and development of Malawi and Africa. I am open to your ideas, new strategies and we look forward to working with you” he wrote on his Facebook, a day after leaving UDF.

On his company profile, Atupele claims to be an economist.

AYA was registered on 9 May this year, trading at 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, in London.

As UDF president, Atupele joined DPP into an electoral alliance for 2020 presidential elections following the nullification of the 2019 Malawi presidential Elections. He lost to Mr Lazarus Chakwera who led a Tonse Alliance in partnership with Saulos Chilima.

Atupele Muluzi resigns


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