5 Lesser-Known Things to See, Do and Experience in New York


New York has many names and many vibes. People who live there consider it the City of Dreams, while outsiders visiting NYC regard it as the City that Never Sleeps. For some people, it’s Batman’s crime-infested Gotham, and for others, it’s the Fun City laden with an abundance of unforgettable experiences.

New York City has many attributes, but dull is undoubtedly not one of them. It’s a treasure trove of exciting, engaging, and downright eccentric experiences curated by multicultural communities that call NYC their home. Keep reading to explore some lesser-known experiences to enjoy New York City at its absolute best.

1.    Test your Mettle at The Escape Game

People are obsessed with escape rooms after the raging popularity of the Escape Room series on Netflix. If you’re looking for a realistic and mind-boggling escape room experience, head over to The Escape Game on Madison Avenue. The venue offers a wide range of exciting games that revolve around one basic theme: you have 60-minutes to solve the puzzles, find all the clues, and escape the room!

The Escape Game has a delightful variety of themed games, such as Gold Rush, Prison Break, and Special Ops: Mysterious Market. Money Heist lovers will undoubtedly enjoy playing The Heist, a game that combines everything we love about high-profile robberies. The themed games will take you through a series of chambers and secret passages while you uncover well-hidden clues and solve some mind-bending puzzles.

2.    Casino Hopping Adventure in NYC

Here’s something fun and exciting for the risk-takers and high-rollers: embark on a casino hopping adventure in New York City. Typically, Las Vegas is considered the hub of casinos, and rightly so, but that shouldn’t blind us to the eclectic gambling scene in NYC.

New York is home to some of the finest and oldest casinos in the US, and you can explore them all in one night if you plan it right. We advise you to get started with the Saratoga Casino Hotel, a lavish establishment famous for its action-packed casino and top-rated restaurant. The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is highly recommended for those who crave a classic Monte Carlo-style casino experience, with a private poker room for high-stakes players.

Other casinos worth visiting include the Batavia Downs Gaming, the Empire City Casino, the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino, and the Del Lago Resort & Casino. We advise newbies to consider exploring some of the best casino appsand play a few online games before betting their hard-earned money in physical casinos. New York casinos are lavish and expensive, so it’s wise to hone your skills before hitting the tables.

3.    Feast on Uncle Gussy’s Stuffed Pita Sandwiches

New York City is a street food haven with deep-fried, stuffed, and cheesy temptations lining every street and every corner. Suppose we had to choose one unforgettable and must-have street food experience. In that case, it has to be Uncle Gussy’s stuffed pita sandwiches.

Uncle Gussy’s first emerged on Park Avenue in 1971, and since then, this family-run street food joint has thrived, becoming a hidden gem in NYC’s tapestry of multicultural gastronomic experiences. It is the ultimate joint to experience the creamy flavors of Greek cuisine. Their specialty dishes include authentic Gemista, Keftedes, Kokkinisto, and Spanakopita. We strongly urge you to sample their stuffed pita sandwiches for a satisfying brunch of aromatic Mediterranean flavors.

4.    Picnic at the Elizabeth Street Garden

Instagram is brimming with delightful visuals of Central Park, but the lesser-known Elizabeth Street Garden is a wondrous abode of peace in New York’s Lower East Side. This garden is brimming with exquisite sculptures, spell-binding arrangements of flowers, and neatly manicured grass. It has a fantastical, fairytale appeal, making it the perfect spot for a romantic picnic.

5.    Enjoy Korean Karaoke in K-Town

This one is for the BTS fans and Korean music lovers: head over to Koreatown and hit one of the many Korean karaoke bars for a night of unforgettable fun and endless rounds of soju. K-town is the hub of NYC’s Korean community, and it offers a unique cultural experience. The food here is incredible, for K-town is the ultimate spot for authentic Korean cuisine.

Final Thoughts

There’s always something fun to do in New York City, but we suggest travelers take the road less traveled and look for hidden gems on the streets of NYC. For instance, you can watch an off-broadway play instead of splurging hundreds of dollars on Broadway or visit The Dream House for a surreal experience of light and colors.