Protesters in Malawi say Chakwera wasting money on foreign trips


Human rights activists and concerned citizens in Zomba held protests over high cost of living  and corruption in Malawi where they accused President Lazarus Chakwera of wasting taxpayers’ money on foreign trips while Malawians are struggling.

The Coordinator for Human Rights and Concerned Citizens, Kingsley Mpaso, presented two petitions to the District Commissioners Office at the demonstrations yesterday aiming at showing unhappiness on the high cost of living and rampant corruption.

Protesters presenting their petitions

Mpaso said as the cost of living continues to go up, the president is spending money which raises questions on his ability to lead the country away from poverty.

“We are living in hard times, Malawi is on fire but the government is spending money unnecessarily,” said Mpaso.

He added: “The President is receiving 12000 USD a day if he has travelled outside the country while the government spends 9000 USD a day on the First Lady a day.”

He said it’s worrisome to see alot of Malawians suffering when the president is spending taxpayers’ money on foreign trips.

He demanded government to produce a report on the same if they are refuting the claims he has made.

On the Anti- Corruption Bureau Director Martha Chizuma, Mpaso said they want her to work professionally.

He asked people who are against Chizuma to watch themselves and give Chizuma time to work in the office she is in.

“We want to assure Chizuma that she has our support, we need these criminals brought to book,” said Mpaso.

He, however, demanded Chizuma to release the names of the people involved in corruption in the Zuneth Satter’s case.

He also asked the government to give more security to the ACB and the director so that no harm should disrupt the investigations.

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