Medical practitioner who shared Martse death on Twitter face public condemnation


A medical practitioner has been condemned for announcing the death of musician Martse on Twitter.

Martse, an award winning hip-hop artist, died at around noon today at Queen Elizabeth. His death came days after he sustained burns when the house he was in caught fire.

A few minutes after the death, the doctor, Chanozga Nyirenda, announced the musician’s death through his Twitter account.

“One of the hardest thing is to see your own favorite artist die in front of you. We did our best. Only God knows best. May his soul rest in peace. #Martse,” he tweeted.

Commenting on a reply to the tweet, Nyirenda said doctors performed four successful resuscitations but the fifth one was unsuccessful.

Nyirenda’s Twitter account appears to have been deactivated following backlash over his tweets.

Malawians on social media say it was wrong for the doctor to rush to social media and announce the death without consent from the rapper’s family.

Many have described his conduct as unprofessional.

“People close to the family were wondering why the family hadn’t gotten the news of the death. Kani it’s because the doctors rushed to social media instead of telling the family?,” a Twitter user tweeted.

However, some have urged Malawians to forgive the doctor

“Not backing the doctor’s mess, but guys munthu uja walakwitsa. Or even iyeyo akudziwa. Koma let’s just forgive him and keep praying for Martse at the mean time,” one person said.

Meanwhile, Chanozga has told the local media that he was traumatised about the death of the musician hence he shared the information.

President of the Society of Medical Doctors Dr. Victor Mithi has since said that the society will take action on the matter while the Registrar of the Medical Council of Malawi Davie Zolowere has said the council will investigate.

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