‘March for youths’ organiser meets Chimwendo


An organization which said it will conduct a solidarity march for youths in Malawi is reconsidering its plans after meeting Minister of Youth Richard Chimwendo Banda on Friday.

The minister during the meeting assured the organisation that government through the ministry is committed to respond and address the challenges accordingly.

The local non governmental organisation called My Community My Responsibility last week announced plans to hold protests over the weekend against the challenges the youth in the country are facing.

Public Relations Officer for the organisation Sipho Malewa, said after they presented a notice to conduct the march on Thursday last week, they were invited to a meeting with Chimwendo Banda.

He added that Chimwendo Banda collected all the concerns and promised to meet them again on Tuesday for feedback and agree on how concerned parties will address the challenges.

He further said it will depend on the outcome of Tuesday meeting whether to go ahead with the decision of holding the march or not.

Malewa said they had already written a notice for the planned match to Lilongwe district council which will start from Lilongwe Community Centre ground to Parliament building where the petition will be presented.

He said the organisation is much concerned with the continuous challenges the youth in the country are facing such as not having access to loans, increased unemployment rate among the youth, sidelining the youth when awarding contracts, denied opportunity to register businesses and not being involved in decision making process and top positions among others.

“We feel the youth in the country continue to face the same challenges because they are not involved in several opportunities which is also contributing to the failure to meet development targets like vision 2020”, said Malewa.

Currently, Members of Malawians Concerned Citizens led by Redson Munlo are holding vigils at Parliament building in Lilongwe aimed at forcing government to fire the ACB Director General Martha Chizuma for what they describe as breaking the oath of secrecy.

The vigils have attracted mixed reactions where the majority say the issue was already addressed to by the President as he cautioned her on the leaked audio while some people say such kind of vigils are not new as they happened during previous regime.