Balaka Residents trained in business development


The Prison Fellowship Malawi in partnership with a Switzerland based Organization, King’s Institute for Transformation, on Friday gathered together youths and people with interest in different businesses in Balaka with the aim of equipping them with different skills in business development.

Prison Fellowship Malawi Executive Director, Rodrick Zalimba, said the seminar was organized to help business people to open their eyes so that they can begin to see things differently.


According to Zalimba, for a long time, Malawians have been doing things the same way and there was a need that they should start thinking outside the box, doing things differently.

For instance, he blamed the tendency of many people relying on aid from different donors.

“We should not just expect help to come from the President, Europe and other places. It is high time that the citizens must know the potential in them and start to utilize the God-given talent planted in us.” said Zalimba.

In his remarks, Team leader for King’s Institute for Transformation, Markus Reichenbach urged the participants never to be blinded by cultural beliefs and corrupt deals if their businesses are to thrive.

“The misconception in most African societies is that they believe that one can make it very big in business if they involve themselves in corrupt practices. It may look rosy and promising, but this is against Biblical principles. God expects us to serve one another in different ways, as such, when one is applying corruption in his business it means that he is turning away from serving God. Only businesses that are built on Christian foundations prosper,” he said.


Reichenbach further encouraged the participants never to be afraid of starting small and venturing into partnerships saying that in togetherness, there are high chances of growth.

“In business, don’t just expect to start big. Start small and gradually, you will find yourself on top. God created the world from nothing. So, in the image of God, we are also able to create business opportunities from nothing.” Reichenbach said.

One of the participants in the seminar, Sebastian Thom, explained that the seminar has really helped him in mindset change.

“I have discovered numerous skills that will help me to start seeing things in different angles and I am certain that the skills gained will help me in successfully conducting a business,” Thom narrated.

Similar workshops have so far been conducted in Lilongwe, Kasungu, Zomba and another one is set to be held in Blantyre.