Hip-Hop artist Hayze Engolah reveals his new single “Lucky”


By Roy Kafoteka

After a short hiatus, Malawian rap artist and KNQR founder, Hayze Engolah, has finally come forward revealing plans to drop his new single titled, “Lucky”.

In a post that relates back to 2021, the rapper made the official announcement yesterday on his social media about the new release with a screen caption reading “NEW MUSIC OUT SOON” on top of a short video snippet for the new video “Lucky”.

The new single comes after Hayze posted a video on his social media timeline with a caption “When should I drop this song for the summer?” that showed him rapping and vibing to an unreleased song that had left fans asking… “When will it drop?”.

The rapper was definitely listening and finally decided to pay due, gifting fans what they were long asking for.

“It’s a record about the second chapter of my life I feel. Having actually made it past 30 years old, everything I’ve been through and the blessings that I’ve received over the years. So basically it’s a record about me celebrating my fortune” said Hayze.

Real name Sindiso Msungama, Hayze Engolah has remained constant as constant can be, being one of the ‘top dogs’ to lead the music scene and recognized as one of the most prolific rappers to grace the Malawian music industry.

Having made history last year by becoming the first Malawian musician to make the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list, Hayze has time to time proved himself and out-shown to being one of the strong leading cats to carry the urban scene and put Malawi on the map.

His strong will and charismatic attitude makes him stay on top of the game and being able to handle whatever is thrown his way, cultivating the culture moving forward, while paving the way carrying his strong KNQR foundation behind him.