Sulom GS attacks journalist

...You are very stupid — Banda tells journalist


Super League of Malawi (Sulom) General Secretary Williams Banda is trending for all the wrong reasons having verbally attacked a TV Islam journalist.

Yusufu Daisa fell victim to Banda’s vulgar language on Wednesday, when he wanted to find out the reason behind Bullets FC’s consecutive away games.

“Clarification yachani? sizopusazo zimenezo, fixture inatuluka liti? ndiwe opusaso eti. Osazandiimbiranso sindimafuna mafunso opusa ngati amenewo (Clarification for what? This is what I call stupidity. When was the fixture released? Never call me again I hate stupid questions)”

The general secretary’s response has drawn condemnation from Sports Writers Association of Malawi.

In a letter, the association has threatened to report the matter to Football Association of Malawi, and Malawi National Council of Sports.

Some football followers have been complaining about the way the fixture was designed. They believe if the defending champions are having a lot of away games in the first round, they will be in a better position to maintain their title defence by virtue of having more home games in the second round.