Namadingo leads efforts to donate maize to Temwani Chilenga’s orphanage


Musician Patience Namadingo has asked people in the country to join him in efforts to mobilise resources and donate maize to Temwani Chilenga’s orphanage.

Namadingo posted on his Facebook Page today that the maize will be donated next week following a request from Chilenga.

He said Chilenga, who runs Zoe Foundation where about 100 orphans are kept, reached out to him to ask for the donations.

He has urged all his fans to escort him to the orphanage in Lilongwe on Tuesday, the 24th May at around mid-day.

According to Namadingo, he has coordinated with his friends and colleagues on the ground who will help mobilise the efforts to this end.

“The mission is to bring Maize to the orphanage. You have Maize? You have money that can buy Maize? You have a car that can carry Maize? You have yourself? Bring it all. Lilongwe Gateway mall parking 10:00 am,” said Namadingo.

Temwani Chilenga, 25, is a teacher and she started helping children in 2018 after she was deployed by the government to teach at Chambu Primary School in Area 25, Lilongwe.

She was earlier this year awarded the Commonwealth Points of Light in recognition for her exceptional service of improving access to education for vulnerable children.

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