Malawi Police condemns violence against police officers


Malawi Police Service (MPS) says the criminal behaviour of deliberately hitting traffic officers with vehicles on the roads has to stop.

The police has issued the warning following an incident yesterday in Blantyre where a driver struck three officers with a vehicle after they ordered him to pay a fine for speeding.

The driver Clifford Khomba injured the officers and damaged a mounted speed trap machine.

In a statement today, Deputy Police Spokesperson Harry Namwaza said the “unbecoming criminal behaviour has to stop”.

He noted that it is important for officers to be on the roads considering the number of accidents in Malawi where 1444 accidents were registered in 2021.

“Traffic officers are crucial in cautioning overzealous and uncivilized road users to bring sanity on the road and subsequently reduce accidents, injuries and deaths.

“The MPS cautions all motorists that it shall not condone lawlessness on the road and further warn that all those found to be contravening road safety rules and regulations shall be dealt with as prescribed by the law,” said Namwaza.

Meanwhile, the driver Khomba is in custody to answer charges of acts intended to cause grievous harm and malicious damage.

In March, a police officer was killed in Mangochi by a motorist at a traffic checkpoint. The driver Saidi Malora is answering the charge of murder.

Police arrest driver who injured traffic officers




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