Driver hits traffic officers in Blantyre


A driver has hit three traffic officers with a vehicle after they stopped him for speeding and told him to pay a fine.

The traffic officers have since been rushed to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre following the incident.

The incident has occurred at Bestobel along Masauko Chipembere Highway in the commercial city.

Nation Online reported that the driver was stopped by the officers at the checkpoint after a speed trap detected that he was speeding.

When told to pay a fine, the driver said he had inadequate funds and the officers confiscated his licence.

The driver got angry over the issue and threatened to hit the officers with his vehicle.

“About four minutes later, the motorist drove his car at a high speed towards the police camera and hit the officers, as well as the gadgets,” an eyewitness told Nation Online.

South West Police Region headquarters spokesperson, Ramsey Mushani has confirmed the incident.

Driver kills Malawi Police officer at traffic checkpoint




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  1. Government must mend traffic payment rules spot fines annoys motorist that they ensure fat wallets when traveling which is very unfair

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