Njuchi stings! Malawians find ‘Sugar’ in Gu gu gu


Malawi’s Dancehall star, Eli Njuchi continues to score musical marks over his latest release, ‘Gu Gu Gu’ which has even impressed other musicians.

At least nine big names in the country’s music industry, have for the past seven days released their debut tunes for the year, but Eli Njuchi’s ‘Gu Gu Gu’ seems to have won hearts of most Malawians as it continues enjoying massive airplays.

Since Friday last week, Patience Namadingo has released his single, ‘Sugar’, while Gwamba featured Piksy in ‘Halleluya’ and in the other hand Janta featured Henwood in ‘Khumbe’ with Dan Lu releasing ‘Salembedwa pamphumi’, just to mention but a few.

Interestingly, most of these artists highly praised and declared their songs ‘hits’ prior to their release, which was not the case with Gu Gu Gu which came out silently via MBC radio 2’s show, ‘Made on Monday’.

However, the five-day-old ‘Gu Gu Gu’ which comes off Njuchi’s new album, ‘The Red Flag’ EP, has of recent silenced them all as it continues growing wings, becoming the most played tune in town.

As of Friday, the hit song which is about a lover expressing hurt feelings over lies from some friends, had over 118,000 views on YouTube and over 140,000 views on Facebook.

Upon being asked as to why there wasn’t much noise from him prior to releasing the hit, Njuchi who was born Chifuniro Magalasi, attributed the silence to as his life style in the music industry.

The reigning Dancehall star, told Malawi24 that he believes that making unnecessary noise could only derail what he wants to give people in as far as music is concerned but he has promised his fans superb hits in his next album which is to be released June month end.

“I can only talk about our plan, the plan was in play, what I wanted was to create a product that can drive the kind of quality that’s needed. I strongly believe once you are aware what you want to produce it’s clearer on how to push such.

“My fans should expect more amazing music with a lot of storytelling and afro dancehall. The Red Flag is a project I have worked on for over a year, so it’s a package for everyone that love Njuchi Music,” said Njuchi.

Meanwhile, Gu Gu Gu has received numerous praises from fans and some of the industry’s icons with Kelvin Sulugwe saying the song becomes Malawi’s third hit that blew up within 24 hours.

“I am writing about him for the first time, just to certify that Gu Gu Gu is a hit song, the third song to blow up in a day after Gwamba’s Better and Onesimus Muzik’s Miracle Money, congrats Eli Njuchi,” Sulugwe wrote on his Facebook page.

The legendary Lulu has also applauded the ‘Zitaye’ star for his maturity in music and he has promised to perform for free at ‘The Red Flag’ album launch in July at Mangochi stadium while on the other hand videographer, Sukez, says Gu Gu Gu visuals, is one of the best videos he has watched this year.

As if that was not enough, musician Tay Grin, Piksy and Kell Kay just to mention a few, while commenting on a post in one of entertainment pages on Facebook, Mikozi, said the hit song is so impressive.

Gu Gu Gu beat was created by Nigerian beat maker Jostopac while the audio has been recorded and mastered by Sispence and Hendrix and Viny Visuals are the ones who have crafted the video.