Zomba Prisoner excretes two cellphones


Malawi Prison Service says the prisoner who was found with two cellphones in his body inserted the gadgets through his anus.

The prisoner has since excreted the phones.

“He inserted the phones through the anus and was noticed by some prison warders due to the way he was moving,” National Prison spokesperson Chimwemwe Shawa said.

Shawa added that the prisoner failed to excrete the cellphones and was taken to Zomba Central Hospital where he excreted them.

The prisoner is currently being treated for other infections at Zomba Central Hospital.

Meanwhile, authorities have interrogated a prison warder who escorted the prisoner outside the cells at Zomba Central Prison earlier in the day.

In an audio clip recorded when the prisoner was being interrogated , the prisoner identified as Frank Siposi is heard telling prison authorities that the cellphones were given to him by a prison warder identified as Kachiganda.

The warder took four prisoners to his house where he gave them the phones. He then took the four to a garden where Sipoko was ordered to put the smartphones into plastic bags, smear the bags with cooking oil and insert the phone through his anus.

According to Siposi, he was supposed to give one of the phones to a prisoner and sell the other phone inside the prison.

However, when he got back to prison, Siposi failed to excrete the phones and was spotted by warders because of the way he was walking.



Two cellphones found in prisoner’s stomach