Chisale told to pay K10 million for assaulting man


Former President Peter Mutharika’s bodyguard, Norman Chisale, has been ordered to pay K10 million to a man he allegedly assaulted when Mutharika was in power.

Chisale allegedly assaulted Dingani Soko in 2018 after Soko expressed disapproval over Chisale’s driving.

Soko dragged Chisale to court over the matter. Chisale provided his defence on the issue past the required period and High Court Judge William Msiska in February this year entered a judgement in favour of Soko.

An assessment of damages by Assistant Registrar Brian Sambo indicates that Chisale has been given 14 days to pay the amount from Tuesday, May 10, 2022 when the order was made.

Chisale’s lawyer s have told the local media that their client will appeal against the ruling.

On the day of the assault, Soko was driving around the roundabout which connects Mzimba Street and Paul Kagame Highway.

Chisale, who was bodyguard to the then president Peter Mutharika at the time, was also driving his motor vehicle.

He entered into the roundabout in violation of Soko’s right of way.

Soko disapproved of Chisale’s behaviour and Chisale allegedly went to Soko’s office where he assaulted him.

Soko was then unlawfully detained by police from Lingadzi Police Station for over three hours.

He was only released after orders from Chisale.