Grouping accuses Govt of sponsoring anti-Martha Chizuma demos


A grouping of Concerned Citizens in Blantyre, has claimed that the planned demonstrations against ACB Director Martha Chizuma, are being sponsored by Malawi Government officials so as to slow down justice on ‘corruption mafias’.

This is coming when a group trading as “Nzika Zokhudzidwa” plans to hold demonstrations this coming Monday in Lilongwe, accusing Chizuma of breaching her oath of office following the leaked audio.

However, the Blantyre based Concerned Citizens through a Friday press brief held in the commercial city, said it is very worrisome that some Malawians are ganging up against Chizuma for showing her metallic will to pursue legal action on Zuneth Sattar corruption cases.

Oliver Nakoma who is the group’s chairperson claimed that government is playing a hide and seek and hide on Chizuma by pretending to be supporting her while at the same time it is mobilizing people masquerading as concerned citizens to gang against the ACB Director.

Nakoma wondered what harm did the alleged leaked audio cause to Malawians to warrant demonstrations as opposed to the alleged stolen millions by some people complicated in corruption syndicate.

He further said in normal circumstances, millions of Malawians were supposed to demonstrate against the untamed rise in corruption in the country and added that with the opposite happening, it is a clear sign that someone is behind the planned demonstrations.

“We as the Concerned Citizens, we are therefore of the view that the planned demonstrations against Miss Chizuma are merely part of corruption-mafia-syndicate sponsored set of operations directly aimed at slowing down Sattar corruption investigation which the ACB Director has shown metallic will to pursue and we know for sure that government is behind these demonstrations,” said Nakoma.

The grouping has also blamed the Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera for not honestly rallying behind the ACB Director and says Chakwera should back his public pronouncements of solidarity with Chizuma and anti-corruption drive, with concrete actions.

The Concerned Citizens further urged security agencies to move in swiftly and ensure maximum security for the ACB Director and has since directed the Malawi Police Service to investigate the one who leaked audio claiming he was sponsored by some of the suspects.

At the same press briefing, Nakoma asked the donor community to come in on the Sattar case and provide “protective cover” to the ACB by among others withholding their budgetary support.

“Yes, we are saying looking at how government has been irresponsible to the taxpayers money and the funds, the donor community should suspend their funding unless ACB is allowed to operate independently and be given adequate space to arrest sacred cows and prosecute them to conclusion because their money has been misuse,” added Nakoma.

Meanwhile, the grouping has given ACB seven day ultimatum to publicly name all those mentioned, implicated or linked to Sattar Corruption Case Investigation, failing which, they will mobilize people to demonstrate in request for the same.