Mutharika faults Nankhumwa, Grezelder for holding rally without consulting him


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) president Arthur Peter Mutharika has condemned the party’s Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey and vice-president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa for holding a rally in Lilongwe without consulting the party.

This is according to Mutharika’s Wednesday press statement where he condemned Nankhumwa and Jeffrey for holding a political rally on Saturday March 30th at Mgona ground in Lilongwe.aàa

Through the statement, Mutharika said it is worrisome that the two organized and hosted a rally a day after the party’s Vice President for the Central Region Zelia Chakale held another rally at the same place which he said had the party’s blessing.

He further said it was necessary for Nankhumwa and Grezelder to inform the party officials about their intention to hold the rally, however says if the two had consulted the party’s top leadership, their rally would have been canceled to pave way for the one hosted by Chakale.

“On the other hand, Ms Grezelder Jeffrey never consulted the party and its leadership to seek approval for the rally that was conducted on 1st May, 2022, presided over by Honorable Kondwani Nankhumwa. Had ms Grezelder Jeffrey consulted, she would have been directed that this rally be conducted elsewhere and or at some other time.

“Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is a party of democrats, order, discipline and respect of it’s constitution. What Grezelder Jeffrey and Kondwani Nankhumwa did was out of order and an act of indiscipline and disloyalty,” said Mutharika.

The party president further urged Nankhumwa and Jeffrey to respect the leadership and the party’s structures claiming whosoever disrespect the party’s constitution, will be dealt with accordingly.

Mutharika has further warned the party members to avoid participating in activities that could bring disunity in the party.