Nowhere to run: Castel Malawi raises prices of drinks


Castel Malawi has announced an upward adjustment of their products in the beer, alcomix, squash as well as carbonated soft drinks categories.

In a press release, the company has stressed that the new prices are effective today, 1st May, 2022.

Drinks such as Coca-cola and Fanta (300 ml) which were at K300 per bottle are now at K360 per bottle while Orange Squash is at K2600 from K2200.

Castel beer is at K600, Carlsberg Green (330 Ml) is at K700 while Carlsberg Chill is at K800.

According to the company, they have been compelled to raise the prices due to an increase in production and distribution costs.

“Despite all our efforts to maintain the current prices we are compelled to take this decision due to increase in production and distribution costs following the increase in prices of fuel, utilities as well as depreciation of the Malawi Kwacha,” reads part of the statement.

However, prices for some products have not changed. The spared products are mainly in the alcoholic category. These are, Kuchekuche, Doppel Munich, Shandie flavoured beer, Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy, Malawi Vodka and Quench.

The price hike has drawn mixed reactions from consumers. Others believe the hike is reasonable but ill-timed, while others share the view that there was no need to raise the prices owing to the rising cost of living.

“Reasonable but the timing is not good. They could have waited for the economy to get better,” reads one comment.

“Malawians are struggling hence there was no need to raise the prices,” reads another comment.

According to Castel Malawi, this is the first major price increase in four years.


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  1. It’s OK that’s what Malawian voted for, we needed a change now here is chakwela for everything that’s indeed a bigger change

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