MP says flood victims in her constituency did not receive humanitarian assistance

Zomba District Commissioner Smart Gwedemula

By Raphael Likaka

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament for Zomba Malosa, Grace Kwelepeta, says people in her constituency did not receive humanitarian assistance despite losing crops due to tropical cyclones Anna and Gombe.

Speaking during a full council meeting in the district, Kwelepeta noted that officers responsible for disaster management at the council had no data on the impact of the cyclones saying this was the case because the officers did not follow issues on the matter in order to adequately respond to the disaster.

She said people in her area plus other eight constituencies lost maize in their gardens and she feared that most households will face hunger following the stormy rains which were induced by the cyclones.

The parliamentarian therefore asked government to seriously look into the issue as well as food situation and to find real data regarding people that lost their food and are most likely to face hunger.

During the full council meeting in the district, chiefs, and ward councillors also said that council officers have not been cooperative when it comes to implementation of disaster issues.

They said the officers do not pick calls from disaster stakeholders when the need for his support arises.

Zomba District Commissioner, Dr. Smart Gwedemula acknowledged the complaints from the members over laxity.

Gwedemula told members that after receiving many complaints, he summoned the officer responsible who after some discussions promised to improve the way he discharges his duties.

He further promised that the officer will appear before disciplinary committee of the council if he fails to show improvements on the way he works.

“I will observe the way he works and if he can’t change, l will summon him to appear before disciplinary committee for discipline,” Commissioner added

Zomba is one of the districts in the Southern Region that was affected by the effects of tropical cyclones Anna and Gombe and some people were displaced into cam