Gambling not a source of income – Malawi Gaming Board


The Malawi Gaming Board (MGB) has advised people in the country to take gambling as a form of entertainment and not as a source of income.

Licensing Manager for the National Lotteries Board (NLB) and Malawi Gaming Board Mirriam Kumbuyo, on Thursday during media training on gambling, noted that some individuals regard gambling as a source of income which she said is dangerous because people win games or bets by chance.

“So gambling cannot be regarded as a job or business. It is dangerous for a person to go to a casino or betting shop with the intention of winning a lot of money. People should be going there for entertainment purposes,” said Kumbuyo.


She expressed concern that irresponsible gambling leads to issues such as addiction.

As part of its work, MGB refers people with gambling addiction to Saint John of God Hospital to access recovery services.

Tabitha Dzoole, Coordinator for Addiction Recovery Services at Saint John of God Hospital, said many people are using gaming activities as a source of income due to poverty and this leads to addiction.

“Gaming activities are supposed to be for pleasure but people are regarding them as a sources of income which becomes a problem,” said Dzoole.

She said both young people and adults suffer from addiction. She added that addiction recovery service is critical since addiction renders a person dysfunctional and the hospital helps the person to become functional again.

Saint John of God provides both residential and outpatient addiction recovery services.

Meanwhile, MGB has intensified efforts to raise awareness about curb irresponsible gambling.