Chakwera threatens to fire Chizuma


Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera has threatened to fire the director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), Martha Chizuma.

The threat follows failure by Chakwera’s administration to have Chizuma prosecuted for the leak in which she claimed the President was not decisive and supportive in the fight that she currently leads against corruption.

However, it is understood that Chakwera aims to mask Chizuma’s firing by firing the Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda and Director of Public Prosecution, Steven Kayuni, on a claim that the three officers are not efficiently working together.

The President’s agenda, as hinted soon after Chizuma’s leak, was to have her fired but through a disciplinary action. Malawi24 understands that she survived her disciplinary as the committee found the leakage as not adequate to have her head delivered to the President on a silver platter as intended.

With the noose tightening on self-declared State House financiers who are accused of corruption as the ACB investigations are now finalised for prosecution, the current regime, through the Director of Public Prosecution made a recommendation to have Chizuma investigated.

However, the police who had summoned her for a statement withdrew their request just before Chizuma obtained an appeal against a ruling that set the pace for her prosecution.

To close the matter, in what social commentators say is President’s demonstration of protecting the tycoons accused of corruption, fraud and money laundering as Chizuma had suggested in the leaked audio, Chakwera has threatened to fire Chizuma together with Kayuni and Nyirenda on the pretence that they have failed to work together with efficiency.

The commentators allege that Chakwera’s primary target is Martha Chizuma with the two being collateral damage.

“Now that all the plots have failed, the President will have to unilaterally remove her,” said Joshua Chisa Mbele who said Chakwera is “compromised”.

Senior members in Chakwera’s administration including his cabinet ministers have been arrested on corruption related charges.



  1. The heading and its contents are awfully misleading! I listened to the whole press conference and somehow doubt the credentials of the writer.

  2. Its probably those 2 clowns (AG and DPP) that may have hired the “friend” to record the private conversation between Ms. Chizuma and himself. Fire both those useless clowns. Arrest the “friend” and get a confession from him, as to who really hired him to commit this offence.

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