Chakwera advocates for introduction of Portuguese, Swahili in Malawi schools


President Lazarus Chakwera says he discussed with Mozambique the possibility of developing a language curriculum for Malawi Schools that includes the teaching of Portuguese, Swahili and French.

Chakwera revealed this during a press briefing at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe on Monday night.

He said the promotion of the languages would allow Malawians to communicate easily with citizens of other countries when doing business within the region.

“It would ease the ability of Malawians to make full use of trade, employment and travel opportunities in the region and beyond,” Chakwera said.

The Malawi leader argued that people who know languages such as French and Portuguese have access to international jobs while some Malawians lose out due to lack of capacity relating to such languages.

On diplomacy, Chakwera said that the two countries discussed the prospects of training Malawian diplomats at the Mozambican Institute for Diplomacy.

Chakwera went to Mozambique on 21 April and returned home on 24 April.

In Mozambique, he visited multiple provinces where there are key projects, including Nacala and Maputo. He also held bilateral discussions benefiting the citizens of the two countries.

President Chakwera, who is also SADC Chairperson, also visited the Mozambique Parliament, and further agreed that SADC member states should jointly fight the militia groups causing a lot of havoc in Cabo Degaldo.


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