Tonse Alliance agreement will be revealed – Chilima


Vice President Saulos Chilima says the agreement which Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM Party signed before the 2020 presidential elections will be made public at an opportune time.

Chilima said this in an interview with the local media on Friday before he left Malawi for a meeting in the United States of America.

Chilima and President Lazarus Chakwera signed the agreement for their electoral alliance in March, 2020 but the contents of the agreement have been kept under a tight lid despite numerous calls for the Tonse Alliance to make the agreement public.

Chilima on Friday said the contents of the agreement will be made public because there is nothing to hide.

“There are people who say why don’t you throw it out on the social media? We don’t think it is something that you can just dump on the social media, somebody need to speak to it so that people can understand the contextual background to what was provided for in the agreement,” said Chilima.

He then rejected claims that the MCP and UTM are sidelining the other seven members of the Tonse Alliance in running the government.

He suggested that there are some ideas and appointments that come from specific members of the alliance.

“That said, I believe we should have done better and as we continue we will engage more.

“I am sure that as we go forward, some of these things will be ironed out and it is best that we resolve these things internally,” said Chilima.

Other parties in the Tonse Alliance include AFORD, MAFUNDE People’s Party and Umodzi.

There have been reports that in the agreement, Chakwera and Chilima agreed that Chakwera would be presidential candidate in the 2020 elections and Chilima would represent the alliance in the 2025 elections.

However, senior members of the Malawi Congress Party which Chakwera leads have been saying that Chakwera will be the party’s torchbearer in the 2025 presidential elections.


Chilima says he will be presidential candidate in future