Met Dept. issues alert over tropical storm


The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services says it is monitoring the possibility of strong winds and heavy rains over Southern and Eastern districts of Malawi due a tropical depression that has developed in the Indian Ocean.

The department said in a statement today that the tropical depression is currently in the Mozambique Channel.

According to the department, the center is at about 670 kilometers away from Malawi border moving at a speed of about 20 Kilometers per hour and maximum wind speed of 55 Kilometers per hour.

“Meanwhile, weather models are indicating that the depression will intestify and strengthen further into a Moderate Tropical Storm in the next 24 to 36 hours and will be tracking West Southwards making landfalll into Mozambique before turning Southwards into the Ocean,” the department said.

It, however, added that at the current position, the impact of the depression is not significant.

Earlier this year, Malawi was affected by Cyclone Ana and Gombe which claimed lives, destroyed properties and left people homeless.

More than 110,800 people (22,174 households) were displaced by the floods. At least 33 people died, and 158 were injured. The storm caused damage to homes, irrigation systems, roads, bridges and other infrastructure (including schools, health centres and churches).

The heavy rains also damaged key power plants, leading to the disruption of power supply across large parts of Malawi