Malawi Police suspends Chizuma interrogation


Malawi Police Service has suspended the planned interrogation of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB)  Director General Martha Chizuma.

Police Deputy Spokesperson Harry Namwaza said Police wanted to interrogate Chizuma as person of interest in a matter the Police Service is investigating after being ordered by the court to do so.

He noted that some people were planning to hold demonstrations against the Malawi Police for its decision to comply with the law.

Namwaza said in order for the police to create room for the building of public trust in the process, a decision has been made to suspend the interrogation until further notice.

He added that the Police Service recognises its responsibility to ensure it carries out its operations in a transparent manner to protect the public from misinformation.

“For this reason, the MPS will hold a press briefing at National Police Headquarters on Monday to attend to public concerns regarding the court order and allay fears generated by its politicisation and misrepresentation in the media,” said Namwaza.

Malawi Police want to interrogate Chizuma over her leaked audio following allegations that she revealed official information to an unauthorized person during a phone conversation.

The planned interrogation followed a court order which was issued after a man identified as Frighton Mphompho asked a court in Mzuzu to open a case against Chizuma over the leaked audio.

Ironically, Chizuma’s ACB is also investigating allegations of corruption in awarding of procurement deals at the Malawi Police.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani said yesterday he believes that the investigation into the audio is part of a “plan to give Chizuma a criminal record”.

Probe ordered into Chizuma audio after Mzuzu resident’s complaint