UDF suspends governor for opening case against Chizuma


United Democratic Front (UDF) has suspended its district governor for Chikwawa, Frighton Mphompho, for opening a court case against Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma over the leaked Chizuma audio.

Phompho recently asked a court in Mzuzu to open a case against Chizuma on allegations that she broke the law by allegedly revealing official information to an unauthorized person.

After it emerged that Mphompho is a resident of Chikwawa, there have been questions on his reasons for travelling to Mzuzu to open a case on an incident that happened in Lilongwe and also involves a person who resides in the capital city.

There were also questions over the involvement of the UDF in the case following revelations that Mphompho is a UDF official.

In a statement today, UDF Acting Publicity Secretary Yusuf Mwawa said the UDF is dismayed with Mphompho’s alleged involvement in this case.

According to Mwawa, Mphompho’s actions are serious and bring the party into disrepute by virtue of his position as UDF District governor.

“Mr. Mphompho is alleged to have acted in his capacity and his alleged actions do not represent the views of the party in this matter.

“As a party, the UDF supports the fight against corruption, and the party was instrumental in the establishment of key governance and accountability institutions such as the ACB over two decades ago.

“The party is also on record as having supported the appointment of Ms. Martha Chizuma as a Director of ACB as well as publically calling for all stakeholders to support her as Director due to ongoing efforts by certain quarters to compromise the Director of the ACB in an attempt to obstruct the course of justice.

“In view of the alleged serious misconduct by Mr. Frighton Mphompho, the part has suspended him from his position as District governor with immediate effect. Mr. Mphpmpho will be accorded the right to be heard before the party disciplinary committee,” Mwawa said in the statement.

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