Pemphero Mphande quits atheism over death prophecy: Prays to God to spare his life


Is Pemphero Mphande the latter days’ Biblical Saul who converted into a believer and became Paul? Pemphero, a self confessed atheist, has now dumped his atheism beliefs following a prophecy that his days on earth are numbered.

Mr Mphande who claimed to have been an atheist since 2012 is fasting and praying to God to spare his life.

“I have argued with hundreds of people, been in public debates, written tens of articles on atheism and theism- its always the same arguments or analogies from believers”, said Pemphero on Twitter on 14 January in 2020.

However, since the prophecy that the socialite made public on 17 April 2022, Pemphero has been praying unceasingly. He has even visited pastors and prophets for intercession.

The prophecy from a mysterious woman that Pemphero shared on his Facebook page claims that he would die this coming Friday.

“I dreamt you were on a stretcher in a hospital and doctors were rushing you to the theatre. You had alot of blood on you. Then some moments I was reading a newspaper and it said Pemphero Mphande no more dated Friday, 22 April. I woke up and I have been praying for you”, reads a post on his Facebook page.

Since then, Mr Mphande an atheist, has converted into a belieber just like Paul. But who wouldn’t?


“As we give power to the lord and confess that death is not our potion, I invite you all to special prayers for Pemphero at Word of Faith Temple International this evening at 5:30pm” reads his recent post, asking people to join him in prayers.

However, there are others who believe that Pemphero, the latter days Paul, is performing a stunt.

Pemphero Mphande wapempha omutsatira amuthandize kupemphera chifukwa mayi wina walota iye atamwalira