Man who donated to police fined K100,000


Patrick Kamkwamba, the man who donated to Malawi Police in Mulanje last week, was yesterday ordered to pay a K100,000 fine.

Mulanje  Senior Resident Magistrate Shaheeda Bakili ordered Kamkwamba to pay the fine after he was found guilty of threatening a police officer.

Kamkwamba was arrested on 4 April by Police in Mulanje after he threatened to hit with his vehicle Station Traffic Officer at Mulanje Police Station Mr. Vincent Kachitsa. The incident happened after the law enforcers had stopped his vehicle over a traffic offence.

On Thursday last week, Senior Resident Magistrate Shaheeda Bakili found Kamkwamba guilty of intimidation.

On 11 April, before he was convicted, Kamkwamba, 45, donated ten reams of papers, a box of pens and a package of carbon papers to Mulanje Police Station.

According to Kamkwamba, after he was arrested he noted that the police station lacked stationery and he made a decision to donate the items.

“When everything was done I thought of coming in to help,” he said, adding that police officers are not enemies of the people and it is important to assist them.

Man donates to Malawi Police a week after he was arrested


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  1. Last time u wrote “he said police are our friends” today u reporting police are enemies of the people. 🚮🚮🚮

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