Two arrested for stealing railway line materials in Dowa


Two men are in police custody at Dowa Police Station on suspicion that they stole railway line materials.

Dowa Police Station Publicist Gladson M’bumpha identified the suspects as Gerald Stanley, 39, and Mika Chitsulo, 32, whom he said were arrested during the night of Saturday at Chisonga village in traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa District.

M’bumpha said on the particular night, five community policing members were conducting patrols within their area and they decided to patrol along the railway line which the criminals used to pass.

He added that around 0:300 hours they heard a sound of the motor vehicle and they started monitoring its movement.

“After the community policing members got suspicious of the motor vehicle, they phoned one of the officials from Central East African Railways (CEAR) and informed him about the suspicious motor vehicle,” he explained.

According to M’bumpha, the criminals were busy loading bags in the motor vehicle and the community policing members were afraid to approach the criminals for fear of being injured and they (community policing members) decided to block the road with big stones to make the road impassable.

After the criminals had loaded their bags, they started off their journey. The community policing members started throwing stones at the criminals and when the criminals noticed the presence of the people, they attempted to sped off the motor vehicle.

Upon reaching where the road was blocked, the criminals stopped and four suspects escaped.

However, the community policing members managed to arrest two. The motor vehicle a minibus bongo registration KK 9250 was being driven by the second suspect, Mika Chitsulo.

Upon searching in the motor vehicle, they found eleven bags of Padrol Slips that are used to fasten the railway line. The value of the stolen items is yet to be established.

Immediately after the arrest of the two suspects, the community policing members reported the matter to police and investigations are underway to arrest the other four suspects who are currently at large.

Meanwhile, police in Dowa District are commending community policing members for their efforts in making sure that Dowa is crime free.

Gerald Stanley comes from Mndembo Village in Traditional Authority Chimutu whereas Mika Chitsulo comes from Katambo Village in Traditional Authority Chadza, both from Lilongwe District. They will appear before court soon to answer charges of theft.