Mwikho! Matumbi appears on stage in a kilt


Legendary musician Chiyanjano Muheziwa better known by his stage name Annie Matumbi made a unique return to stage performance Saturday night.

The Chidikhodikho star appeared at Mibawa Multi-purpose hall stage in Blantyre while donning a kilt, a traditional Scottish garment which resembles a skirt.

His dressing shocked some people since it is not anywhere near Malawian culture. However, others believe it was fine considering that he went on stage to entertain.

“I pray it should not be what am thinking. What kind of dressing is this, a man dressing like a woman, God forbid!” reads one of the comments

Another comment also reads: “it’s part of entertainment, nothing serious. Some people are fond of negativity on everything.”

Others believe the dressing matched the Ragga star’s moniker Annie. His trademark is considered to be meant for women.